Owning A House

Everybody home maker wants her own house. A place that she can call her own. I long for that day. We have been renting out for 6 years now. When you are renting a house , there is so much limitations. Aside from that, the design, the lay out of the house is not your idea. As I have said before, a little in me suffers OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder and when I think about owning my own house, my mind starts drafting a lay out that will serve my OCD. And though we still cannot buy our own this soon, I already got some idea on what I want or what I should consider when we start browsing for one.

Should you buy one or build one? That’s the most important question you have to answer. Financially it would be cheaper to build your own house. The best part about it is you can choose your design and customize it to your need. The thing about building your own house is the stress that builds with it. You have to find a good constructor, engineer, architect and workers. Some construction companies offers it all and all you need to do is pay and wait for your house. Another is you have to shed a bigger amount of money or in some cases you have to pay in cash. And lastly, you also provide and pay for the lot.

When you buy a house that is already built, you take away all the stress but the price tag is higher. The advantage of this set up is you can pay it lightly. Most home builders offers a paying program. Some offers up to 25 years term and some as fats as 5 years. It now depends on your capacity to pay.In this set up, you only have to pay a down payment and you can move in when you are ready. The thing about buying a house that is already built, you are not sure about the quality of the house. The designs and the lay out of the house is not customized to your wants and needs. And of course, in cases like this, other houses on that place looks exactly the same as yous.

If you have to ask me, I really prefer buying a lot and building my own house there, that is if you have a lot of money. If you don’t have that much, it is easier to acquire homes from home builders company and for us who don’t have, we can only dream.

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