New Year On The Table

New Year at home or traditions on welcoming the new year and some oddities at home but how about New Year at the table?

They say that practicing some traditions can really bring you good luck the coming year. The most famous and most practiced table tradition is putting 13 kinds of  ROUND fruits in the table. I remember last year that even rare fruits (as long as it is round) are being old in the market. Even fruits that are not ripe or fruits that you cannot use afterward, are sold at unreasonable price. It was crazy but well, there is no harm in trying. The fruits signifies the months in the coming year and the extra one for extra luck. It promises good luck all year long, from January to December.

Another cool addition to your centerpiece are bowl of coins. I am not quite sure why but my in laws are very religious in doing this. Others also put some sticky candies as it signifies the relationship of the family in the coming year, stickier, the better. Got any? We would love to hear more suggestions on how to make or house luckier this coming year.

HAPPY 2010!

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