It was  a tradition in my grandmothers house (I was my grandmother’s apprentice when it comes to house keeping, you will be hearing a lot of her here) is to spend New Year with all the lights on. I can’t remember the exact reason why but they say it can bring good luck. And I know you are looking for things that will help you in welcoming 2010 in the best and luckiest way.

Aside from jumping when the clock strikes twelve, my relatives used to throw out coins as a way of welcoming the new year. We, the kids, would enjoy picking them up. Then after that they would tell us to hunt down coins anywhere in the house. We would look around for coins and have fun doing so. They say that this can help you or will make your year full of money.

Another must do before the new year comes is to make sure that all the containers are full. The coffee container should have enough coffee. The jar with sugar should be filled. Even the rice dispenser should be over flowing with rice (of course). And there should be no dirty laundry (or minimal) on the laundry bin. I think it make sense a bit. Keeping your house organize at the start for the year is not an assurance that it will be organized the whole year but it is a good start.

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