Moving Out

It’s time to pack! Not that good to hear eh? OK, you don’t like doing it? Actually when you learned how to do it right, you would love it. Packing should not be stressful. It’s a new beginning, a new start. Why would you pack? because you are leaving, you are moving out. Moving is not our favorite word right? Like moving on, moving out, we dreaded hearing those words, specially when you have to move out to a place you have been living for a long time.

When we moved out last 2003, it was a bit hard for the hubby. We are leaving a place where he was born, where he played, where he dreamed, where he thought he would never have to leave. My task is to make it easier for him. For some of us, a way to remind us of our old house is to take with us all the things that will serve as a reminder. It should not be the case, when packing, we must throw away all the things that is not worth keeping. In our case then, I have no choice since my MIL will be living with us. We take with us all the clutters that the truck can hold. It was a nightmare to me. OCDs hate clutters…

Moving on, I will post later some tips on how to make packing easier for you and your family and how to maximize it so when you unpack, you won’t curse*wink

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