How To Pack Things Neatly

So you have decided to move out of your place and look for another one. You can’t wait to pack because you can’t wait to move. If only some else would do it for you, life would be easier. You are as busy as bee, working 8 hours a day, traveling 4 hours a day. With that schedule, how can you start packing. Weekends are your only time to do your laundry and rest for a while. So now you are planning to take a leave from work but can you afford it?

Actually, you don’t have to take a leave, all you need to do is pack slowly. Basically there are three stages in pacing your things. The first being done weeks before your move out day. The second where you have to pack days or one week before the big day. The last stage which is hours before a truck pick your things.

Stage 1. As mentioned above, you have to do this weeks in advance. Pack things that have been sitting on your shelf and gathering dust. This are the things that you haven’t used for more than a month already. While you’re at it, look for things that feels good to give to somebody else or would look better in the trashcan. Things like books, old clothes, some of your bedsheets and blankets belongs to this stage. Other things like wall decorations, pictures frames, diplomas, your special wares also belongs here. If you are like me who already have kids, their toys (that they no longer use but still of good quality) should also be pack weeks ahead.

Stage 2. Things like your clothes (other than those that you will wear for a week) should be packed a week before you move out. Things that you use but you can last a week without them are included here. What are those things? Shoes, bags, accessories are the likes. Electronics that you can live without for a week is another thing.At this point you should have readied some boxes for stage 3 packing.

Stage 3. Hours or night before leaving is your last chance to do packing. These are things that you use everyday like the clothes you left from stage 2. Your laptop, your aircon or your fan. Your stoves and your wares. All the things that are left should now land on the box you already prepared from stage 2.

You have to keep in mind, before starting packing your things, that you have to LABEL each and every box you fill. For example, you have to put where in the house that box belongs and what are the contents. If you put wares on box, its label should be, KITCHEN, wares. Things for the bedroom should be named as such. Boxes where you put your clothes should also be labeled. It would be more helpful for you if your clothes are sorted out. Brassieres in one box or in a plastic, shirts are folded with each other, jeans are together and so on. Glass wares should be wrapped in newspaper to prevent damage.

Stage 1 can be done if you would spend about 30 minutes a day. Maybe you can try to sort your clothes first then the next day your bedsheets and the likes. The next week focus on your displays and your books and documents.Next, next, how about your kitchen. I tell you, you will love.

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  1. para sakin ba tong post na to? LOL. bat di mo binigay sakin link nito. hehehe. uu nga may nagpack para sakin. parang di ko nga nafeel na lumipat kame eh. for sure kaw naka-pack na. hahaha

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