First Time To Rent

When we moved out of my in laws house (no because they let us but because the real owner of the land booted us out), we have no choice but to rent a place. We looked for the most comfortable house for rent with the most affordable rent. The first thing we considered (aside form rent) is the location. At first we thought it would be practical to rent a place near my in laws, to serve my MIL’s desire. She would be living with us and it would be better for her if she would be near her other sons. Then again, hubby’s office is located in one of the business center here and it was 2 hours away from my MIL’s place (heavy traffic was a killer), so it would not be practical at all.

We have to look for another place that is nearer to hubby’s work. Another thing we considered was the fact that when emergency arises, it wold be hard for him to go home. Our first son was 6 months then and 4 hours travel a day would steal so much on their bonding moments. Yes, if you are looking for another place to live, one of the first thing you have to consider is its location. There are a lot of factor that can be included with the location. You have to decide why do you want in a place. Does it have to be near your work? Does it have to be near your family?

Obviously we want it to be near his work and so we set our eyes on one location and from there our hunting starts. Our first apartment was not that successful. Who would have thought then that aside from the location, there are other factors that we should consider. Accessibility and transportation for example. Schools and hospitals are another. But of course if not for those experiences, I wouldn’t have learned those things.

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