Christmas Decors Suggestions

Red and Green again? A dash of gold won’t make any difference. You feel like you have been seeing this color every year and finally you decided to make a change. Pastels are a nice choice. Colors in shades of green and pink are a god combination. It might not look very Christmas but you can re use the decors, making it the most practical choice.

For this season and maybe two more Christmas, it seems that metallic gold and silver are gaining popularity. You can pair it with vibrant color like purple or lilac. You can also pair it with green. You can try decorating your staircase with garlands, balls in metallic gold and silver and then add small flowers in different shades of purple.

I wish I can share a pic for you but I did not have the chance to buy new decorations this year as I gave birth to my baby girl last November. And so we have to be contented with our red and green theme.

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