At Home Here And Everywhere

When my family moved to my grandmother’s house, we slept in the same room. Me, my parents and my four siblings. It was too much for me. I can’t breathe specially when they start disorganizing their things. I never know a thing about home making then but I knew I can’t live in room full of clutter. So I asked my grandmother if I can have the spare room, the one my aunts used when they visit the province. I think my grandmother already knew that I am good on decluttering so she allowed me to use it. And so, as early as a teen ager, I already got my kingdom, a small space that is mine, the first space that experienced my OCness and where I practiced my homemaking career.

I love doing the laundry. I love folding the clothes. And though I hate washing the dishes (thank goodness for dishwashers) I so love cooking. I love being at home and cleaning up. In fact I declutter my house every 3 months. I may not be your house making guru but I can give you some guides on how you can make you home making life easy.

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